Jamie Hahn Teaching Philosophy

In my pedagogical practice, my goal is to direct and support students through leadership, being a mentor and practicing a methodology of self-motivation through the development of self-expression. I believe this happens two ways: when students are given course structure within assignments and syllabus expectations, and secondly, when students gain confidence through technological achievement and conceptual development. The practice of making art requires a multitude of skills including work ethic, discourse, research, and individual growth, all which can be infused into a supportive, respectful, holistic learning environment.

I am interested in student self realization; how gained knowledge and experience contributes to individual revelations of conceptual possibilities; how materials and ideas can become pieces of art.  In each medium I teach, I aim to build confidence in the student with appropriate praise and criticism.  I encourage problem solving, goal setting, making work outside of a comfort zone, challenging expectations and pushing boundaries of what is possible: both in theory and in practice.

My students become self-motivated as they gain technical proficiency, practice critical thinking and develop an awareness of their potential: both in academic study and in contributions to the learning environment.  I believe a holistic learning environment encourages a sense of community and respect for diversity. This is a system of communication and support between students and instructors designed to assist in problem solving both in group critique and in individual idea development. While art may be competitive, my students learn how to collaborate and contribute to the greater whole while also growing individually.

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